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Hacking the Sonoff Wifi Switch - Part 1

Making the Sonoff Easy to Program The release of the ESP8266 has generated a lot of interest in the microcontroller community. Nodemcu and other cheap MCU's with built in wifi have really opened the door for consumers/makers to create cost effective IoT solutions. One significant reason ESP8266 based devices are taking off is due to the fact that Arduino libraries have been created and are well maintained. Sonoff Wifi Switches, which are based on the ESP8266, are getting a lot of attention and for good reason. They are cheap and very hackable.  I should mention that Sonoff has its own cloud service for controlling these wireless switches .  Here is my take on hacking the Sonoff. Go to Part 2 Go to Part 3 Overview I have been playing around with a small DIY aquaponics system in my home office. So far its a success, but I would like to have more control. Currently, I have 2 Sonoff wireless switches (both with custom code) controlling grow lights and aquarium